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Littleton Dog Park

Everybody needs a place to play and call their own! Even our four-legged friends!

Littleton Dog Park started as a committee in 2017, commissioned by the Town of Littleton to support an immense need in our community. 

Thanks to our hardworking volunteers, we have successfully become our own 501c3 non-profit organization. We are actively raising funds to  establish a dog park in Littleton.  

Join our effort and learn how you can support a new dog park in Littleton.....

short-coated brown dog

News on Location

We are excited to be in discussion about a possible dog park location with the owners of the Rail Trail Village off Union Street.

We are hoping we can partner with the owners for a leased parcel in the near future near the Rail Trail!

Stay Tuned! 

short-coated brown dog


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